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        產品列表PRODUCTS LIST

        日本艾思株式會社(ASCH Japan Co.,Ltd)創立于1980年,長期致力于皮膚科學儀器和微小pH電極的研發制造,主要解決方案包括:經皮水分丟失測定儀,角質層水含量測定儀,皮膚彈性測試儀,化妝品抗皺功效評價系統,皮膚pH計;針插式pH計,實驗動物胃液pH監測儀,微小pH電極。主要客戶來自于大學醫藥學院,制藥,化妝品,CRO,食品行業等。Asch上海代表處為其在中國的客戶和渠道合作伙伴提供高水平的技術服務和專業化的本地支持,配備了demo儀器,為各領域用戶提供更好的產品體驗,應用技術培訓,技術咨詢服務。

        ASCH Japan Co.,Ltd., founded in 1980, has long been committed to the development and manufacturing of skin science instruments and micro-ph electrodes. Our main solutions include: TEWL meter, cuticle water content meter, skin elasticity tester, anti-wrinkle efficacy evaluation system for cosmetics, skin pH meter;Needle and insert pH meter, gastric juice pH monitor for laboratory animal, micro pH electrode etc.The main customers come from college of medicine, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, CRO, food industry and so on.ASCH Shanghai office provides its customers and channel partners in China with a high level of technical services and professional local support, equipped with demo instruments to provide better product experience, technology training, and technical consulting services.